ALS Tyres – Size and Safety Information

ALS tyres - size

Compare the diagram above with your existing tyres to obtain the size of your tyres. We will need the width, profile, diameter and speed rating information to provide an accurate quote.

Tyre Inflation

To get the maximum performance from your tyres they must be inflated to the correct pressure. It is extremely important to check tyre pressures regularly. Details of recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle may be found in various places: vehicle door edge, glove box and fuel door; however the best place to check is the vehicle manual. The pressure you can find moulded on the side of the tyre is not the recommended air pressure for the tyre on your car – it is the maximum air pressure for the tyre.

Tyre Wear

ALS tyres - wear markers

Skidding and aquaplaning can be reduced by a good tread depth – so check your tyre tread depth regularly. The UK legal limit is 1.6mm, but most safety organisations recommend a minimum of 3mm. In the wet tread depth is even more important. The grooves in the tyre sweep away water from the road surface allowing the tyre to stay in contact with the road. The volume of water that can be moved is reduced as the tread depth decreases. Every tyre has tread depth markers that indicate the legal minimum tread. When the surrounding tread is level with these markers, the legal limit has been reached. It is best to replace tyres before they reach this limit.

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